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Raise up a Child, Walk Thru the Bible's newest live event, presents life-changing truths from the biblical teaching of President Phil Tuttle. Raise up a Child has been endorsed by Ken Smitherman, president of the Association of Christian Schools International, Ron Klassen, executive director of Rural Home Missions Association, and senior pastors including Dr. Harry Reeder, Andy Stanley, and Tony Evans.
 Raise Up A Child

Congratulations! You're a Parent! NOW WHAT?!

Before the church existed, before the first government, and before any school, there was the family. Parenting and grandparenting is an incredible privilege and an awesome responsibility. Yet, have you noticed that children don't come with an instruction manual? Where do you go for help?


Consequences. Allow your children to face consequences, both positive and negative, and you'll shape the future generations of your family.

Consequences Live Teaching Segment
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